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Paris Through Expat Eyes: Event, Interview

Terrance Gelenter of “Paris Through Expat Eyes” has interviewed me in the past, and is now aiding and abetting us in our horn-blowing book tour. Here’s a teaser of what’s on his site right now. To read more, click the link at the end. To read the full interview, click here.

Paris-based travel and food writer David Downie returns to his home turf —

San Francisco and Berkeley — on a triumphant note.

After multiple reprints and rave reviews, Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Night (978-0-307-88608-8, trade paperback, $15, in stores now) has been reissued in the prestigious “Armchair Traveler” series at Broadway Books.

Updated, expanded and redesigned, it features 31 essays and as many striking black and white photographs of Paris by Alison Harris, plus a foreword by Diane Johnson. READ MORE

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