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Matthew Monteith Photographs in NYC: Mirrors

The most intriguing and appealing art show we saw when in New York last week was a series of photos of mirrors by young American photographer Matthew Monteith, exhibited at the Morgan Lehman Gallery.

We’d seen Monteith’s work in Rome, at the American Academy in Rome (he won the Rome Prize a few years ago). Quirky, reflective, darkly humorous and quietly intelligent, Monteith captures the zeitgeist while expressing his own peculiar vision of the world. His vehicle: large format, beautifully printed and mounted color prints.

Matthew “makes” pictures (he does not “take photos”), and though these works on show in NYC are not pictorialist in any way, they are painterly. The composition and subtle color contrasts show an attention to artfulness and an aesthetic sensibility often lacking — or purposely avoided — by many photographers of his generation.

Highly recommended. Hurry, the show is only on a few more days.

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