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Paris City of Night review

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David D. Downie Lets Paris Set the Scene for New Thriller
Bonnye Busbice Good, Photo by David E. Good Posted by
Bonnye Good
Feb 16, 2010

Mystery/suspense authors tend to zestfully pursue many areas of interest and David D. Downie is no different.
As an American living in France and Italy, his inspiration comes from the dense culture emanating from the stone city streets to the modern exuberantly lit avenues, both of which can be found in the same central European cities.
Downie has written a thriller, Paris City of Night, (which will be reviewed later on featuring a multi-faceted main character named Jay Anthony Grant, or JAG, in the famous City of Lights.
On a more low key note, Downie has also written guides on food and wine for specific regions in Italy and France plus a cookbook for those hoping to replicate the flavorful food found in Roman trattorias and local homes.
While most of us are digging out from several inches of snow even during Mardi Gras, this is a good time to take a break to read a Parisian thriller or at least to picture the Eiffel Tower lit up at night, vibrantly reflected by the snow. For more information on Paris City of Night or on his nonfiction work, check out

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