Book Passage bookstores in SF and Corte Madera

Elaine and Bill Petrocelli of Book Passage bookstores in San Francisco’s Ferry Building and at 51 Tamal Vista Blvd. in Corte Madera are inspirational characters, and prove that independent booksellers can stand up to the chains and on-line retailers and win!
Recently they hosted a book event at which Barbara Boxer signed her new novel, while “protesters”, sent by goodness knows what lobby or industry-funded pressure group, assailed Obama’s health care reforms.
“[S]ome of the protesters actually bought books,” Elaine wrote in an email. “Most stayed outside and screamed. The signs they were carrying of Obama as Hitler or The Joker were really awful. Bill went outside to talk to them and one guy said that when Obama says 47 million Americans don’t have health care he’s lying because most of those people are illegal immigrants. Bill said he didn’t know the numbers on that but he wondered if the man ever ate in restaurants. The man said yes he did several times each week. Bill asked him how he felt about the fact that the people making his food probably don’t have health care and since they can’t afford to take off, may be preparing his food while sick. The guy was silent.”
So, in addition to a huge selection of books–literature, history, food, biography, travel and more–you might also pick up a good dose of thoughtful and provocative politics at Book Passage.
If only Elaine and Bill could set up in every American city, there might be hope for publishing in America. And we’d certainly all enjoy a rousing debate!

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