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A Taste of Paris: Winner of Gourmand International Award, culinary travel, USA


Breaking  News: A Taste of Paris has won the 2017 Gourmand Award for best food/travel book from the USA, and goes into the world finals in May, 2018… scroll down to category D06 to see the short-list finalists from around the world… food-loving, Paris-loving friends rejoice!

D06 – Culinary Travel / Tourism
USA – A taste of Paris, David Downie (St Martins)



Praise for A Taste of Paris: A History of the Parisian Love Affair with Food



A Taste of Paris took me on the walk I have always dreamed of: a joyous romp through time with culinary historian and literary gastronome David Downie as my guide! The streets and tables of Paris will never be the same and I could not be more grateful.”—Alice Waters

“A veritable encyclopedia of everything you ever wanted to know about the Parisians and their victuals. This literary tour de force turns received wisdom on its head, sprinkling the serious subject of what, when, where and how the French have eaten throughout history with many a great moment of humor and irreverence. I loved it!”–Harriet Welty Rochefort, author of Joie de Vivre and French Toast

“Truly epic, encompassing history, flavor, and passion. Bravo for a comprehensive look at eating and dining in Paris!”–David Lebovitz, author of My Paris Kitchen and The Sweet Life in Paris

"In recent years David Downie has become the go-to-guy for all matters Parisienne. In "A Taste For Paris" he combines his love of history, his affection for his adopted city and his passion for French gastronomy. Anyone who loves Paris (who doesn't?) and adores French cooking (who can resist it?) will cherish this authoritative book."– Paula Wolfert, national treasure, author of Unforgettable Paula and The Cooking of Southwest France

“A delightful treat for your favorite Francophile foodie . . . an enchanting fluffy read with lots of hints and tips for lovers of Paris and French food.” ―

“Downie tells many tales of fascinating episodes in French history. . . . A gastronomic jaunt through the city that tells how Paris distinguished itself as a world capital of eating.” ―Eleanor Beardsley, NPR’s Paris Correspondent

“Given the French influence over the way we eat and cook (or aspire to do so), the historical details in Downie’s book are fascinating (who knew that Charlemagne loved arugula?), even though it’s unlikely that you’ll be motivated to prepare the recipe of the famous 14th century chef Taillevent for roast peacock or swan.” ―AimeeLee Ball, Martha

"Downie blends exhaustive research and personal experience in this delightful history of one of the culinary capitals of the world…Readers don’t have to be foodies to get the flavor of the French character in this delightful, thoroughly researched culinary history." Publishers Weekly

“A great companion for any French adventurer as well as historians and food buffs” Library Journal

"A zesty, entertaining romp through the landscape of French food." Kirkus

"A must for anyone going to Paris and anyone with an interest in food and history." Linda Pelaccio, Heritage Radio Network's A Taste of the Past

“With humor and wit, Downie delves into the city’s culinary history, sharing fascinating anecdotes… A Taste of Paris is written in a fun, lively style, bringing to life thousands of years of history, while also elaborating on contemporary culinary trends… an indispensable guide to the past, present, and future in a city that’s often deemed a global food capital.” Janet Hulstrand, Bonjour Paris



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