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Month: March 2015

A Passion for Paris: The Real Romance of Paris (Be Original!)

  Now and then, then and now… The scene opens with thousands of “love locks” glinting on a bridge spanning the Seine. Competing accordionists play…

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A Passion for Paris: France’s Most Popular Writers Then and Now are Romantics

  photos courtesy Alison Harris   A couple of jpegs of Le Figaro. They show “the best-loved most widely read writers” in France. Guess who…

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A Passion for Paris: Beautiful Bagatelles, Charles X, Debauchery and Romance

A Passion for Paris: Romance at Bagatelle David Downie, March 2015     Were Romance and Romanticism in Paris born at the Bagatelle, possibly the…

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A Passion for Paris: George Sand, Romanticism’s Great Woman Happy?

  George Sand was the "Great Woman" of the Romantic Age, according to Victor Hugo. If anyone could make that claim it was Hugo. Successful,…

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