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Month: January 2015

A Passion for Paris: the Romance of Paris Theaters Then and Now

        Is theater in Paris romantic and Romantic? Yes indeed, Romantic with a capital “R” as in Romanticism and the Great Romantics.…

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A Passion for Paris: The Age of Romanticism lives on in Paris

The Arsenal Library in Paris   The Age of Romanticism lives on in Paris, in the streets, parks, buildings and cityscape—and in the hearts and…

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Charlie Hebdo and French Caricature: Children of the Revolution and Romantic Age

Louis XVI shown as a glutton, Revolutionary era caricature   Caricature has always been a dangerous business in France: starting from the earliest days of…

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Paris and Freedom: Censorship and Terror Have Never Worked and Will Never Work

The spirit of 1789–and 1830, 1848, 1871, 1944, 1968 and 2015 (not to mention a dozen dates in ancient, medieval, and pre-modern history–lives on. When…

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The raison d’être of A Passion for Paris

  Blame Nadar: his noir—noir et blanc I should say—influence helped lure me to Paris way back when. I wanted to take up residence in…

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