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Month: December 2012

When in Rome… Drink as the Romans Do: 3 real wine bars

Wine bars in Rome? No, not the trendy, fancy-dancy wine bars that the big glossy corporate magazines promote. Well, only one of the three I…

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Three Real Roman Trattorias: Eat As the Real Romans Do

When people tell me about the bad meals they've had in Rome I sigh and wish they'd sought some expert advice before traveling to the…

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Roman Holiday Feasting: Tis the Time to Eat in Rome

Rome has great food year round, as anyone who has been there knows (or ought to know). The Christmas-New Years-Epiphany period is particularly great for…

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Real, Authentic Bistros in the Marais? Yep. Here are 3 for you

  We all like to grumble that there's no good food served in the Marais but the truth is slightly more complicated and also more…

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Art Treasures in Paris: No Lines, Great Shows

On assignment for I discovered (or rediscovered to be precise) the wonderful Yves Saint Laurent Foundation in Paris. Anyone who knows me also knows…

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Rome Chow-Down Showdown: Can the Little Guys Survive?

Rome has some of the best food in the world. If you doubt the veracity of that statement please pick up a copy of my…

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