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Autun Cathedral, Paris to the Pyrenees, and Longitude Books Blog


Longitude Books is a specialized site with just about every book ever published in the field of travel, including historical accounts such as my fave, The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar.


I just contributed a column as guest blogger on the Longitude Blog. The question was, could I describe one of the most memorable, special moments or experiences on our cross-country trek? Here's one answer… Autun, Burgundy, the ancient capital of the Aedui Tribe, built (or rebuilt) by August Caesar.


Here's the lede and a link…

All photos copyright 2013 Alison Harris


Alison and I spent nearly three months walking 750 miles across France — and we met hundreds of characters along the road, and saw too many startling, sublime or ridiculous things to count. Nonetheless, one of the most unexpected, amusing and enduring experiences for me was at Saint Lazare Cathedral. We’d slogged up and down hills for eight hours in a freezing wind, eventually finding our way into the ancient, walled part of ancient Autun, a kind of Emerald City with a soaring Romanesque cathedral — once as important a stop for pilgrims on the Way of St. James as Paris, Vézelay or Santiago de Compostela. Keep reading

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