Why We Love Paris in Winter: A Winter Wonderland, on Gadling.com

Sure, we love Paris in the springtime (who doesn't?). We love Paris in the fall (so do millions of others). We love Paris in the winter (we're no longer following the lyrics of that old song), we love winter most of all (maybe).

Read my latest on Gadling.com about why winter in Paris is so wonderful. The city of light is a winter wonderland: uncrowded, quiet, moody… Here's the lede. Click below to read the whole story.

The first fat flakes clustered along my sleeve as I stood facing the Luxembourg Garden on the icy Left Bank. A grumpy street sweeper from the south side of the Sahara scattered salt and scowled. Then he looked up and batted his clotted eyelashes. Snow! In Paris? What a forgotten thrill!I hadn't seen the white stuff since a brief dusting last year. Winters aren't very wintry these days in the City of Climatically Changed Light.

When I first moved here in the 1980s it snowed like frigid clockwork. And that seemed absolutely normal and desirable. Way back in the 1800s when Henri Murger wrote what was to become Puccini's famous La Bohème, snow fell constantly. Ice formed stalagmites and poets shivered burning their manuscripts to stay warm. That was the Paris of romantic memory, the Paris of dreams, the Paris I loved before knowing Paris.


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