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I'm contributing regularly to the new travel website, Here's my latest story, which reveals the secrets of two of my favorite hidden parks in central Rome. The lede, a few pics, and a link to…

"Everyone knows Rome is stuffed with splendors—history, art treasures, architecture, plus great food and temperate weather. Less abundant in the Eternally Lively City are the kind of silent, green, secluded spots where sensitive souls can rest up between visits to the Coliseum, Forum, Vatican and the many other clamorous must-see sights likely to leave even hardy travelers with their ears ringing.

But anyone who claims there are no quiet corners in Rome hasn’t followed the locals: how do they survive the sound of one another, not to mention 39 million annual visitors? Answer: Rome has plenty of unadvertised urban refuges. I’ve worn holes in my shoes looking for them.

Two of my favorite historic gardens in the center of town are Villa Aldobrandini and the exquisite Botanic Garden."

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