Paris, Paris Photo Ops and a Blimp

Photo ops abound in Paris, Paris.

Sometimes, in the style of Martin Parr, it’s more fun to photograph the photographers than their elusive subject(s).

Click, snap, whirrrr… What are these people photographing?

Lovers on the Seine?


Or might it be that extremely elusive, little-photographed marvel rising atop the Ile de la Cite’?

Here’s what everyone on the bridge missed. Click to enlarge. It glided silently overheard, a magical, massive, floating advertisement! I’m not going to help the blimp people by promoting the brand or service or whatever it was emblazoned on the blimp’s side. The flying machine seemed about the same size as Notre-Dame. But it really was elusive. Who says blimps are slow? I barely had time to capture it, above the rooftops, from the Rue des Deux Ponts and the Ile Saint-Louis.

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