Booking Now: April in Paris, Paris

Heavenly cherries in flower alongside Notre-Dame

Eiffel’s tower: quite an erection…

The view from on high: we visit the Eiffel Tower together (and it is an eye-full!)

Each April we partner with tour operator Tuscany Tours on a week-long Paris tour that also features a day in Chartres, and another in Chablis and Vézelay in northern Burgundy (tour participants also visit Monet’s garden at Giverny).

Chartres cathedral: inspiration!

Pisces anyone? The most gorgeous stained-glass windows in Europe… at Chartres

The world’s most astonishing flying buttresses… Chartres again

Chablis: not only barrels of fun…

Vezelay in the spring… magnificent!

Vezelay’s main street: atmosphere, charm, shopping, wining and dining…

This is an exclusive jaunt with limited space available. It always sells out months ahead. So if you’re interested, we advise you book now. Here’s that link again with details:

Read my travel feature about Chartres in the San Francisco Sunday Chronicle.

Order Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light to get yourself in the mood for our Marais walk and other adventures.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris, Chartres, Chablis and Vézelay next spring!

Bon voyage!!

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