April in Paris, Paris: The Leaning Tower of Eiffel

Showing Paris, Paris — the City of Light-Footed Explorers — to a wonderful gang from many different cities and continents…

Yesterday we assaulted the Leaning Tower of Eiffel. The wind blew gently, but it was hard enough to cause your intrepid, par-blind photographer to tilt.

No, it was not a fear of heights. I’m on top of the world these days, what with the publication a few days ago of the book you may have heard about by now…

Between the flowering cherries, the sunshine and bizarre, un-Parisian good cheer, you’d almost think April in Paris was as magical as it’s said to be… in that old song… da da di da da

Remember, if you can’t make it to one of our book events, and you can’t be in Paris this spring, you’ll always have Paris, Paris — the book!

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