Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light on the Expatica Hit List is a great travel site with a wide reach. It has just ranked its 10-ten of best books about France and the French. Paris, Paris is #2… and, at (that’s me) we try harder… so perhaps next year we’ll move into the #1 position. But hey, #2 isn’t bad…

Here’s their piece. To read the whole list, click below.

“Paris Paris: Journey into the City of Light
(David Downie; 2005, re-printed 2011; Transatlantic Press)

As our reviewer Anne Jacqueline described:Starting from the time when Paris was but a sandy island between two branches of the Seine, inhabited by ferocious fisher folk – the Parisii – Downie will walk you to Paris places and people, mixing present geography and history.

This book is a great way to discover Paris, whether you already know the city or not. The popular tourist attractions are not forgotten, but the city is also seen from a human point of view: Souls. Dreams. Work. There are many ways to read this book, but on your sofa, with a good cup of tea or a glass of wine is a good start. Read, discover, and dream.”

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