April in Paris, Paris: Full Bloom Ahead

Budding prospects indeed!

Strange spring rites near Saint Gervais. What would the monks say?

If walls could speak… this one would not whisper “wistful” but rather “wisteria.”

It’s sweet enough to make a stone smile!

Budding prospects department: spring so far is magnificent. In 25 years of living in Paris, Paris I have never experienced so many perfect days in April, a month whose thrills usually rhyme with chills.

Having spent the better part of the last week tramping around town with a group of wonderful Americans and Australians, I am finally able to share a few pics of foliage, flowers, and stern sculptures made soft and sweet by a sniff of spring. I am not waxing lyrical. Just look at that worn head grinning, toothless, as it tries to pick up the scent of daffodils.

Trying valiantly to reach the camelias… la dame aux camelias…

Geepers creepers!

Even the glassy old flowers of yesteryear seem brighter in the spring light.

Another bouquet set not in stone but glass.

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