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Paris to the Pyrenees on West Coast Live in SF

We’re still on book tour for Paris to the Pyrenees, just arrived in the Bay Area, where it’s scorching hot in more ways than one.

From the moment we drove the rental car the wrong way out of Oakland airport and, mistakenly or by divine design, rolled Bonfire of the Vanities-style into one of the country’s more dangerous neighborhoods (was that really last night?), to this magical moment as I type, sneeze, cough from the jasmine-thick air, and listen to birdsong in a friend’s enchanted garden in the Berkeley hills… all has been strangely, weirdly wonderful… Berkeley! Memories of youth (most of it best forgotten)…

Perhaps even more weirdly wonderful and certainly unexpected was the invitation to appear on the West Coast’s wildly wonderful live radio broadcast-cum-stage extravaganza, West Coast Live on May 11.

Here’s the dope, and a link. I’ll look forward to seeing all of you in the audience—live—or knowing that you’ll be listening in over the airwaves.

MAY 11, 2013
Live from The Chapel, SF – Show 1009

From The Chapel at 777 Valencia (at 19th) in the Mission, San Francisco, SEDGE welcomes:

JAMES KELMAN, the influential Booker Prize-winning Scottish novelist brings us his latest novel, Mo Said She Was Quirky.

DAVID DOWNIE brings us his terrific new adventure tale/travel memoir, Paris to the Pyrenees: A Skeptic Pilgrim Walks the Way of Saint James.

BHI BHIMAN, the Sri Lankan-American folk-rock artist on tour with his new album, BHIMAN.


The whole book tour schedule


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