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A Taste of Paris: Elections, Erections and Cafe de la Mairie

It's a steal! Will this crook be the next French president?

Or will it be the charming neo-Nazi and Trump surrogate?

By the time many of you read this the first round of the French presidential elections will be over and we'll know whether we have a neo-Nazi and various neo-fascists going into the second round…


Or will the next Fearless Leader of France be an upright brioche? (Remember: Marie-Antoinette did not say "cake" she said "brioche")


Having visited a polling station this morning to do our civic and democratic duty we threaded our way across the Marais, passing through the gay district and discovering a new and surprising bakery: Quel choc!


Talk about choc and awe…


Intrigued by the window displays–provocative to say the least–we smuggled out a purchase and continued our election/erection day wander… winding up in St-Germain at one of my cafe-offices, Cafe de la Mairie… where we choc-ed the waiters by wielding our brioche!


Getting a rise out of the patrons at Cafe de la Mairie



We promptly devoured the obscene brioche… do you dunk, dear?



Mmmmm, good… but ouch!


Bon appetit les amis!


Enjoy A Taste of Paris, a veritable feast for the eyes (and soul)!!


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